Sunday, November 21, 2010

Teen Manga: Crimson Hero Vol. 1 by Takanashi Mitsuba

About the Book: All Nobara Sumiyoshi wants to do is play vollyball. All that Nobara's wealthy mother wants is for Nobara to follow in the family business. When Nobara goes to play volleyball against her mothers wishes, she finds that the school that she has chosen has quite suddenly eliminated girls volleyball and the boy's volleyball team is determined to keep it gone. How can Nobara convince the school to bring girls volleyball back, and how will she deal with her mother's rejection of her aspirations?

The King's Ruling: Cute, but I found the author's narration of her writing process more engaging than the actual story. I think this series has potential though. Nobara is a spunky heroine who I was cheering for. There is some subtle (and not so subtle) older teen content. I give it a 5 out of 10.

Spoilers (Highlight to View):--->This book seems to follow the typical shojo beat pattern, defy family, deal with shame, meet the mean guy, meet the nice guy, have feelings for both.<---

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