Saturday, November 13, 2010

#NaNoWriMo and Harry Potter

Today I wrote 1718 words for a total of 21759 for the month.

Earlier today I got to be a judge at a Happy Potter trivia contest. There were 84 questions asked and the winning team got 68.5 out of 84. The questions were pretty hard, and I will try to post them to see if you would be able to beat the winning team. But I have to say it was a blast and there was a huge turnout. It is nice to see that the books are still popular, because I flat out love them.


  1. Hurray for your ever growing Nano!!

    And YOU MUST post the questions! I remember reading about a contest that was supposed to be really hard but I forgot where I had read it!

  2. Okay seriously, I've written this response like, 10 times and it keeps deleting it.

    Questions: HARD
    POST THEM for us to answer
    AWESOME job on wordcount

    Okay, done and...lets see if this one takes.