Thursday, October 28, 2010

Writing Exercise

I read writer's digest and each month they have a writing exercise to try in order to hone your skills. A recent exercise was the write a first person story from the perspective of someone in a coma who could hear everything around them. I really liked the idea of the exercise, but instead of writing what they suggested, I turned it into a one-liner contest.

So here is the challenge: Write one line of dialogue that would be the worst possible thing to hear if you were in a coma.

Now the rule is that it has to either be humorous and/or horrifying, but not mundane. For example, writing that your spouse says that they are leaving you while horrifying is also mundane, but writing that your spouse is leaving you for the coma patient in the bed next to you is humorous if written well.

So have fun with this and I look forward to your ideas.


  1. "Hey mom, lets dress Timmy up like Bernie from Weekend at Bernies for Halloween! We can even take him around trick or treating and I'll get double the amount of candy, since he can't eat it"

  2. "Sooo...this is the guy that wanted that sex change right?"

  3. "Ok, now I can only give you a few minutes in here because the regular nurse will be making her rounds soon. Just clean up the guy when you're done?"