Monday, February 8, 2010

Expectation: It hurts so good.

One of the biggest challenges that I am finding as I am now in week three of blogging and writing is the problem of managing expectations. I am a perfectionist particularly when it comes to my own creative efforts and trying to balance my expectation of perfection with my need to grow as a writer is something that I am finding difficult.

Another expectation that I am struggling with is the desire for originality. I am working very hard to have not only an original story but to make the world that I am designing unique. I know that inevitably in fantasy that some similarities are going to occur, but I am hoping that in my writing if you do see my influences you that they do not overshadow my creation.

The next expectation that is difficult are the expectations that I, my wife, and my critique partner have for me. I want to write a minimum of 500 words a day with a goal of 1000 words. I am finding this difficult to achieve and have not written 500 words total in the last two weeks due to illness or responsibilities. (although I have been editing) Tonight should be a good night for writing though so I am excited about that.

Finally the expectation to get published. This is the the worst of all. I think every writer wants to get published, but most never do. Being a perfectionist all I want is to get published, have it be critically lauded, have it be beloved by fantasy readers around the world, have it be made into a blockbuster movie, and have a series of spin off novels set in the world I make. That is not too much to ask is it? But it is that very hope that gets me writing.

And speaking of getting my writing my next blog will be called Butt in Chair. I would love to hear you comments.


  1. Maggie Stiefvater said something very true when we were at her author chat- its not impossible until YOU say it is. That helped me a lot in my anxiety about actually landing an agent and getting published. Of course I still worry about it, but I try not to focus on the long term goals. I know I have them, and I know they ar ethere. But its easier for me to focus on short term goals for the time being. Like my goal of 5,000 words a week. Or just finishing my book this year. Thats all- to finish it, edit and make it perfect so I can start sending out queries to agents next year. Setting these shorter goals makes it more realistic for me then just saying my long term goal is to get published, make enough in my advance to be able to work full time as a writer while my husband gets his doctorate, and publish lots of fantasy books. Thats a scary goal. So I break it down into goals I know I can accomplish. You have a week to get 7,000 words in (unless its changed). I expect at least 5,000 on Sunday when you report in ;p I think that is a good short term goal for now.

  2. Oh, I want to edit my response: I know that I will not make enough with my first book deal to let me write full time...but its fun to fantasize, right? Oh, and also I've learned to stay positive and believe in myself. You have to be a bit conceited in this line of work I think, or else you'll never think you are good enough to get published. You have to believe you are good enough to get your book published. Its still hard for me, being naturally self-conscious about everything...but having critique partners, early readers, and family members that praise my work is really helping.