Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Butt in Chair

Perhaps my favorite quote on writing comes from J.K Rowling, and while I cannot find the exact quote it goes something like this. "People who sit around talking about writing are not actually writing. Writing is being butt in the chair and doing it." (Paraphrased) This has been my biggest problem since I have started writing. I want to spend time with my wife and dog, I want to go looking for a house. I want to play World of Warcraft or hockey on my Xbox 360. I want to read Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series again. I want to help keep our apartment clean. It is hard to make time to write, and I need to put my butt in the chair. So it is up to you! If you see me relaxing ask me if I have written today. If I have not, feel free to kick my butt a bit.

Next week I will be talking about building a fantasy world. I look forward to your comments and accountability.


  1. Maybe J.K. Rowling said something similar, but I think you might be referring to the blog post I told you that the hilarious Maggie Stiefvater did about writing in which the two rules were 1.decide to and 2. butt in chair. Proof is here:
    And yes, my amazing wife memory recalls telling you this So butt in chair!;)

  2. So, my excuse for not writing this week? The Olympics are on. Don't think I'll be cranking out 5,000 words this week...but there is still the weekend, when I get most of my writing done. My problem is, I am glued to the tv from 7pm-11pm every night. I can barely pry myself away from it to put my 4 year old to bed. So, needless to say I'll need a little pushing as well. I'll make sure to be a better critique partner and check up on you more!