Monday, June 28, 2010

ALA part II

Today is our last day of ALA and we are coming home loaded with swag. I think that we have too much but it is never too much for my wife. We will be paying to ship everything fedex because the wonderful USPS pulled out after one day at the conference.

The most inspirational author that I met this week was James Kennedy. He wrote the book The Order of Odd Fish. It is a fantasy book and it seems a little weird but that is ok. I met him at the ya coffee klatch yesterday and he had such great energy! He brought a bunch of fan art about his book and even made mix cds of the music that inspired him during his writing for everyone that he visited with. I do not think that I will be inspired by much on the CD, but it was great to meet another writer who used music as such a strong muse while they write.

Well, I suppose that is it. My last suggestion based on my ALA experience is to pick up Charles and Emma: Darwin's Leap of Faith. I met the author and she was great and said that the reason she was so drawn to this book was because Charles and Emma Darwin's marriage was very much like her own with her husband. She comes from a religious background, he comes from a science background and how they make it work together and find aspects of each others' "faith" (ie. faith in God versus faith in Science) to reinforce their own beliefs and find that perhaps the differences between science and religion are not so great. I have not read the book myself, but I think my wife has it so I think I am going to read it.

Hope you enjoyed my recap of the trip, I look forward to any comments.

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