Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May the Fourth Be With You!

Because most fantasy readers are scifi readers (although I detest most scifi), and because most fantasy and scifi readers are at some level nerds (I do acknowledge my nerdiness although I try to keep it under wraps most of the time), I am "forced" (hee hee) to ask two questions:

1. Which is the nerdiest day of the year? Is it:
A. March 14th aka PI day
B. May 4th aka Star Wars Day
C. April 5th aka First Contact Day
D. Should I get a wedgie and shoved in a locker for 1, asking this question and 2, knowing of all three of these days?


2. Which is the best scifi series?
A. Star Trek
B. Star Wars
C. Battlestar Galactica
D. Something else
E. Why you taking scifi when fantasy is the superior genre
F. OK back in the locker you go!

Now for the first question, Star Wars day is very nerdy but Wars is generally more culturally accepted than intelligence or Trek. However, PI day has to potential for businesses actually giving away free or discounted pie, which makes me happy. And I think that all americans can get behind free pie. Therefore in my option PI is the least nerdy and First Contact Day is the most nerdy. (I mean celebrating something that has not happened yet?)

The second question? I just want to see what you think. Leave your answers in the comments below.

My next post will be a guest post by my critique partner, so make sure that you come back and check it out!


  1. Okay seriously, don't lump fantasy and sci fi nerds together- we get really touchy about that ;p When I was younger, I detested sci fi- I was STRICTLY fantasy, and HATED it when people would lump me in with the sci fi crowd. Now I like both, although I am still more mainly a fantasy fan. But I love sci fi movies, and Enders Game is one of my favorite books of all time. Plus the Dragonriders of Pern books are one of my favorite series, and some people can make a good case as to why its sci fi and not fantasy. Anyway, to your questions:
    1.Deffo First Contact Day because I don't know what that is. So if I don't know what it is, then it has to be SUPER sci-fi nerdy.
    2.I never watched the star trek series, I do like star wars, and don't watch Battlestar Galactica but hear its really good. But I'm gonna have to go with Sliders if we are doing strickly sci fi series. I loved loved loved that show! But if we are going with the whole fantasy/sci fi genre- Buffy the Vampire Slayer is total number one in my book. Also, x-files and Heroes are quite close.
    Also, I like that many authors are blurring the lines between sci fi and fantasy now. I like to see what they come up with. But I still love a good classic fantasy.

  2. I agree, sci-fi and fantasy should not be lumped-unless it's a Joss Whedon series. I'm more fantasy, but hubby is sci-fi and let me tell ya Star Trek movies (tho he made me watch the series too) can hardly be compared with LOTR even though there are elfish people in both...

    1.) C

    2.) D-Firefly... Stargate Universe is turning out pretty good too... but Galactica is an all time sucks.