Sunday, January 24, 2010

My name is Andy and I am a writer.

My name is Andy and I am a writer.

Wow, that is still so strange to say. I am not a professional writer, at least not yet, but that is the goal. I plan to write several books and I have 6 on the burner right now.

Here are my current projects:

First, is a children's picture book. I like where this book is heading so far, but the biggest decision I need to make is whether or not to make it rhyme.

The second book is a children's picture book that is my tribute to the fine work of Dr. Seuss.

The third book is a children’s chapter book.

The fourth book is an untitled young adult horror story that is kind of a cross between children of the corn and I am Legend.

The fifth book is an untitled young adult dark comedy about a teenage vampire. This may turn into a series.

The sixth book is not actually a book but is actually tentatively scheduled (at least within my mind) to be a three book, adult fantasy series. This series is my primary project and most of my updates and most of my effort will be on these books.

This blog will document my history as a writer and keep you, my dear reader, apprised of my progress. I would look for weekly updates to start, but as I get further along in the process I will try to blog more often. Thank you for reading and please feel free to post any encouragement or thoughts on any of the posts that I make. If you follow my blog you will learn about me, and you will get exclusive previews of some of my notes, planning outlines, and maybe even some glimpses of my parts of my first drafts.

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